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Festival Fashion for Grown Ups

Festival Fashion For Grown Ups

Planning on going to a music festival or concert this summer? Then you may need a little direction with festival fashion for grown ups. 2016 is shaping up to be a great year for live music, festivals and concerts. I challenge you to get out there and go to at least one of these events this summer.

One of my resolutions this year was to go to more concerts. I wish I had known back on January 1st 2016 that this would also be the year that we would lose so many music icons and legends. This adds urgency to my plan of enjoying more live music. I didn’t get the chance to see David Bowie live despite being a fan since I was 13 yrs old or Prince, even though I bought that purple record and danced in the mirror while trying to sing in his falsetto.

So peeps, do NOT let another summer concert season go by without going to at least one concert or music festival! Trust me, it is worth the price of admission or whatever they are charging for tickets. You will come away with ringing ears, a hoarse voice, maybe even muddy feet, and you will have that buzzing accomplished feeling.  Yes you did see “Insert Band Name Here” live and they put on an amazing show! I will be seeing Mumford and Sons for the third time this summer and I am just as excited as I was the first time. There is just something about the vibe of a live concert that you cannot replicate anywhere else.

What do you, as a more mature adult woman wear to a music festival or concert? Let me help you with this one by first saying NEVER wear a romper! NEVER! Rompers are wrong if you are over the age of 20 something (no disrespect to any ladies who have lovely, young, taunt skin, rock it if you got it). They may seem like a great idea until a  bathroom break in a part-a-potty becomes necessary where you are trying to squat, hover and hold your clothes up off the dirty urine soaked floor all at the same time. Do you get where I am going….there a better, more user friendly options.

Now that we have that caveat out of the way, what do you wear? Go for comfort , it will be HOT, you will be walking or standing for hours and the possibility of a  port-a-potty or peeing behind a tree is very likely.

Festival Footwear

 So lets talk footwear, for the love of your baby toes leave the heels at home! Go for a super cool and quirky sneaker like these  Late Night Authentic- Coral Taco Vans. I promise they will do just as well in a field of muddy grass as they would in a mosh pit or dancing all night.

festival fashion for grown ups

If sneakers are not your thing then your next best bet would be my personal fave.Go all day and all night Yoga Joy flip flop by Sanuk. It’s like walking on yoga mats, need I say more? They go with a long maxi dress, shorts or just about anything. It is summer,  what else would you wear when it is hot as Hades and your feet might swell due to heat, alcohol consumption or perhaps extra salt from the fries at the chips truck.

festival fashion flip flops

Festival Fashion Options

At this point in our lives we should probably have a well established style but if you are breaking new ground by heading to your first  music festival then you may need a little direction on what works.  You want to go for that understated cool factor because the worst would be to look like you are trying too hard to fit in. Go for the classic vintage t-shirt like this Woodstock design from Torrid and your fave jeans or shorts.

Want to rock a maxi dress, I say YES go for it! Try a cool and breezy cotton stripe maxi or a little boho floral. You can layer on a jean jacket or top it with a scarf or cinch it up with a leather wrap belt. The possibilities are endless and you will still be hip and free to sway to the music.

Layering also works well at festivals or concerts and a vest over shorts and a tank can turn up the festival fashion IQ on a really comfy outfit. You can also hide stuff under that vest…just sayin’…. not advocatin’.

festival fashion

A few more tips about Festival Fashion

  • don’t bring a purse
  • if you must bring a purse use a backpack or messenger style bag that leaves your hands free but it will be searched when you enter the venue.
  • consider stashing some tissues in your pocket for that pee break or you may be doing the “drip dry”
  • stay hydrated, festivals often have water stations where you can refill a plastic bottle or cup.
  • add a  large scarf or wrap to your festival fashion, which makes a great blanket for sitting on the grass.

I am really excited to have a full calendar this summer of  festivals and concerts, what festivals are you planning to go to?

These are my personal opinions , I have not been compensated or sponsored by any of the companies or clothing listed in the blog post.

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