Food Nook Tours offers you the chance to escape with friends and explore charming Roncesvalles Village. Walking tours are an ideal way to get up close and personal with Toronto neighbourhoods and districts that boast their own hotspots and “best kept secrets”. Bria, your guide and owner of Food Nook Tours will lead you through this cozy little nook in the west end of Toronto also known as Roncy. As she narrates your tour you will learn the history of the area, quirky little tidbits and the story of the shops that you visit along the way. She brings the streets and shops to life, connecting you to this vibrant village and making you feel like you belong at the heart of it all.

Grab a few friends and book yourself a Food Nook tour. What a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon, strolling, sampling and exploring!

Food Nook Tours

Beginning our tour at the corner of Roncesvalles Ave. and Howard Park Ave. Where we learn a little history and connect to some of Toronto’s notable places.

Chocolateria – 361 Roncesvalles Ave

A slice of chocolate heaven, they will dip just about anything in chocolate.

Food Nook ToursExplores Roncesvalles

First stop, because life is uncertain, eat dessert first.

Food Nook Tours Explores Roncesvalles

Milk chocolate dipped dried mango and house made dark chocolate “turtles”. A decadent sample to start the afternoon.

The Mercantile – 297 Roncesvalles Ave

A gourmet market with an impressive selection of foodie finds for the baker, home chef or entertainer in your life.

Food Nook Tours Explores Roncesvalles

Imagine my delight upon finding a childhood favorite at The Mercantile. This sweet little Barba Papa shaped bottle of marshmallow syrup transported me back to Saturday morning cartoons and cereal.

Fantail Bakery Cafe333 Roncesvalles Ave

My favorite stop on the tour, I could have spent hours enjoying the ambiance.  Food is meant to be enjoyed with all the senses, at Fantail you will feast.

Food Nook Tours Explores Roncesvalles

Fantail Bakery and Cafe makes the most tender scones. Flavour combinations vary by season but you can be certain that they will be delicious.

De La Mer-291 Roncesvalles Ave

A serious fish market for seafood lovers. They know their stuff here and take pride in bringing patrons superior quality fish and seafood. They also offer a wide range of house smoked fish which we sampled on our tour.

Food Nook Tours Explores Roncesvalles

De La Mer a sea foodie paradise where we sampled smoked salmon with a grainy mustard and fresh dill.

Barque Butcher Bar287 Roncesvalles Ave

Always on the lookout for a good wing and sauce combo? Barque’s has options, the wings were cooked perfectly with just the right amount of crisp,caramelized glaze, ready to accept the sauce of your choice.

Food Nook Tours Explores Roncesvalles

Ending our walking tour at Barque’s Butcher Bar with smoked wings and house made sauces to sample.

Special thanks to Bria for inviting me to experience Roncy with Food Nook Tours and sharing all her favorite places and best tips with me.

Would you go on a food tour and be willing to try something new?