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I Will Do More in 2016

I Will Do More in 2016

I will do more in 2016.  As I am getting older, time is doing this weird thing, it is speeding up!The years are flying by and I have been trying to keep pace but I think I have it figured out now.

I am going to slow down so I can do MORE!

When you are always looking ahead at what comes next you  miss what is happening right in front of you.

I am seeing all the “posts” about resolutions and plans for the New Year, things people will change, let go of or goal set for and it’s giving me serious anxiety, sweaty palms, a brow furrowing kind of stress.

Why am I reacting this way? I think because subconsciously I know I cannot add one more thing to my already over burdened list of to do , to become or to accomplish. I cannot possibly carve out one more minute in my day to add a New Years resolution that will only add more stress to my life.

So I take a step back to rest in the moment of what I am feeling and I realize that I am already blessed with so much. There is comfort in enough, knowing that what I have already accomplished is enough, taking the time to appreciate it before I run right past it chasing the next goal.

This year I give myself permission to slow down so I can do more of what matters to me, my family and my friends.

I will go to more concerts because live music is magical! It works it’s way into your skin , crawls along your nerves till it shoots out of your mouth while your hands and feet are flailing away. You become connected to the crowd,  part of something bigger than yourself, it is euphoric.

I will have more adventures and make time to get off the beaten path. Go down that side road, say yes to last minute invitations and yes to my kids crazy ideas. Adventure is just waiting for me to pause long enough to see the glitter through the trees, change my course and follow the light.

I will listen longer when someone is speaking to me, especially my children. I want to absorb what they have to say. I want to ask questions that will confirm that I am hearing them. I want to learn what they are trying to share/teach me. It is only now that my grandmother is gone that I realize what a gift she was giving me by teaching me to listen longer.

I will spread kindness because I can, because it’s free, because it makes me feel great, because it makes everyone feel better. Just because.

I will love my tribe, all my tribes! What a gift it is to be able to connect with people who are so willing to accept you as you are, with all your faults but still think you are the bomb. My Tribe(s) is the reason I get things done, find solutions to challenges,  move forward with a smile. They are my engine and my energy, you have to look after your engine if you want it to keep running for a long time. Show your tribe some love so they know you appreciate them.

I will do more in 2016 by slowing down. I will rest in the moment to appreciate the abundance in my life and know in my heart that it is enough. I won the race, I have the trophy, I can stop running now and rest for a bit. It’s time for some one else to have a turn in the spotlight.

Happy New Year, Selena


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  1. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. So very well written Selena. You light up the room when you enter it with your joie de vive. I feel so inspired! I’m honoured to be part of your tribe.

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