Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to plan an escape to Couples Resort on Galeairy Lake in Algonquin Park. Maybe you’re like me and work all the time, shuttle kids around, have an active social life and don’t realize just how fast time is whizzing by? You can’t remember the last time you sat down to enjoy a glass of wine and a quiet night in connecting with your partner. Well then, it’s time to press pause on the daily grind, grab your sweetheart and head for the near north.

escape to couples resort

 7 Must-do ideas for your escape to Couples Resort in the Spring.

  • Enjoy the panoramic vista from the comfort of your balcony and private hot tub.
  • Walk the property trails and shoreline, bug-free I might add!
  • Step into Gertrude Sorenson’s art gallery and studio, she is the artist in residence. Gain an appreciation for the majestic beauty of Algonquin park in all four seasons.
  •  The history buff in you will appreciate the resort museum, a pictorial journey through the evolution of Bear Trail Inn and Couples Resort. 
  • Billiards in the games room for FUN or COMPETITION. 
  • Visit Algonquin Park, the park that started it all.  Celebrating 125 years in 2018!
  • Build a fire in your cozy suite, pour a glass of wine and enjoy the blissful peace of not having to do a darn thing. To see a tour of the Jr Suite click over to my facebook video .

escape to couples resortescape to couples resort


Culinary Delights

“An elevated dining experience” is what I was told to look forward to by a friend that raves about her visits to Couples Resort. Excited at the prospect of dressing up for dinner and savoring all the culinary delights on the menu, I was eagerly anticipating our dinner reservation.  Dinner each evening of your stay includes a 5-course meal with a wide variety of options for every taste including wild game, like venison. My speed is more vegetables, I love when a menu includes local items and uses them in an interesting combination. The Watermelon Salad with goat cheese and watercress (above) was presented so beautifully I almost felt bad cutting it up to eat it. The salad pictured below was roasted golden beets, on a puree of pickled beets drizzled with olive oil and dots of horseradish crema…such a unique combination and bursting with flavour! 

A special little tidbit for those of you that are wine enthusiasts. You can explore Couples Resort’s extensive wine list at your leisure and have pairings made to go with your meal. The resort has earned the prestigious Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence 7 years in a row.   Or you can bring a bottle of your favorite vintage to dinner and have it served by your wine steward for a reasonable corkage fee.

A true escape from my everyday routine is the opportunity to indulge in room service. There is nothing more decadent than breakfast delivered fresh and hot to your door to enjoy while still in your pajamas! Bonus points for the extra large carafe of tea and pots of whip cream for our waffles. You can arrange room service breakfast or dinner for any meal during your stay.

escape to couples resortescape to couples resort

Escape Into Nature

squirrel eating bird seed at couples resort

Couples Resort offers a day pass into Algonquin Park as part of the activities that you can enjoy as a guest. We took on the Spruce Bog trail at Algonquin Park for an ice hike. It’s just like regular hiking with the added security of studded treads that clamp onto your shoes so you won’t be slipping down the trail. Be sure to mention your plans to hike the trail to the front desk staff. They will supply you with a small bag of bird seed and instruction to try and get the small woodland creatures to eat out of your hand. At this point I had aspirations of being transformed into Snow White, reality soon set in when the animals just laughed at me, ordered me to leave the bird seed and back away slowly. My attempt at being an animal whisperer was comical at best, but we did enjoy a few laughs over it.

feeding squirrels at couples resort

blue jays at couples resort

While you are inside the park be sure to stop in at the visitors center. It has some of the best lookout spots, a cute gift shop, cafeteria, and an impressive interactive display featuring the history of the area and the park itself. As you can see in the pic below my man was making friends with the moose. As a hunter, he has seen them plenty in the wild, but not a nice close-up view like this. These guys were already stuffed so they had nothing to fear from him.

escape to couples resort

Escape Your Everyday

Couples Resort is the ideal location to escape your everyday. Surrounded by natural beauty, the whole resort experience is geared to making your stay relaxing and carefree. It didn’t take long for me to shift into slow gear, become present in the moment and enjoy uninterrupted time to connect with my partner. There will definitely be a return visit and I am planning to book a Master Suite (pictured above )to top this last visit!

A heartfelt thank you to  Couples Resort for hosting me and giving me the opportunity to share their little slice of paradise with all of my readers.