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A Rafflecopter Giveaway Win a Veggetti

 Make oodles of veggie noodles!

On a recent shopping trip I picked up this handy little tool on a whim, a new addition to my kitchen gadgetry collection and WOW am I impressed!It is so simple to use that I had my 12 year old making veggie noodles from  couple of zucchini that were taking up real estate in the fridge.



We used the recipes that were included in the package to make up a quick meatless dinner. We chose Lemon Butter Sauce for our noodles and kicked it up with some of our Epicure Minced Garlic and Parsley. You will notice one of my other fave gadgets, the Citrus Press,which is in constant use here.


We spent less than 5 minutes assembling and prepping our veggies, quick healthy dinner was on the way!The cooking time really depends on how soft you like your noodles, on high heat I quickly sauteed them for 3 minutes.



The results were excellent! It is amazing that just changing the shape of the vegetable will entice even the pickiest eater in my house to give it a try! I can see many opportunities where I will be offering veggie noodles in place of traditional pasta as well as spiralized salads and even perhaps fries!



I am so happy that the Veggetti has made it’s way to our kitchen and I am looking forward to experiments with lots of different vegetables. Have an idea for a recipe using the Veggetti, post your idea in the comments and I will give it whirl! Don’t forget to enter the give away at the top of the page for your chance to WIN ( click on Rafflecopter Give away to enter)and make oodles of vegetable noodles for your family.

* This post expresses my own views on a product I purchased. I was supplied with products for this give away by Northern Response, the company that markets this product and would like to send them a shout out and big thanks for being so generous!


bottom rolling pin


  1. Wendy Curran

    LOVE it. I think sweet potato roasted in the oven would be incredible!

  2. Kirsten G.

    Yum! If I don’t win, I might just have to buy one of those.

  3. Samantha Hoffmann

    looks fantastic! Tried your sesame chicken on the weekend, awesome!


      Glad you enjoyed it Samantha! I am craving it again this week:)

  4. Veronica

    i totally want to try one of these! I’ve been eyeing them up for a while!


      they are so much fun, I bet I know someone in your home who would love it too!

  5. I have a different model, but would love to win this for my daughter. I did a zucchini, carrot and pasta mixture last week with Epicure’s Mac&Cheese seasoning that was truly delicious!!

    Love your blog! You make everything looks so delicious! 🙂

  6. Mandy

    With our family on a journey to healthier eating, this tool would definitely be a benefit!

  7. Tracey

    OMG … Selena recommended this to me!! I have to say this is the easiest tool to use … and made zucchini noodles perfectly. I can’t thank you enough …. eating low carb and gluten free is sometimes a challenge, but now I have the right tool for making a healthy alternative to pasta. Xo

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