Butter Tart Tour 

” The Butter Tart Tour? Is this for real? You mean to tell me I can tour around and eat butter tarts, sign me up!” Was the common reaction I got when I told people I was taking this tour.  The Butter Tart Tour is a self guided adventure through Kawarthas and  Northumberland with four distinct routes to choose from. Visit the Butter Tart Tour Website to get more info on the tour routes and suggestions of how to make the most of your day. 

Butter tart tour

3 pecan and 3 plain Buns and Sweets butter tarts made it into my bag.

Tart Me Up

All you need to do is pick your route, invite some friends and pack a picnic for a day of sweet discovery. The route I planned is below, the stops were taken from the “Tart Me Up” tour. I was probably being a tad too optimistic when I originally planned 8 stops in one day.  We set out at 9:30 am and didn’t make it home till 5:30pm, so plan to spend the whole day touring. If you click on the map you can get the link to my original route. The three we didn’t make it to were in Lakefield and Peterborough and I plan to be back there really soon.

butter tart tour

Delight and Discovery

Be open to adventure and detours along the way, you just never know what you will discover while winding your way along back roads. I was utterly delighted to discover the charming small towns and villages that I had heard of many times but never actually had the opportunity to visit. These places are yearning to show you what makes them special if you stop in and sit for a moment, instead of just passing through on your way to somewhere else. 

There were so many great moments on this tour and I couldn’t limit myself to pick a few great shots so I have created this slideshow to give you the full experience. Have a look through the slideshow below, if you want to pause a picture just hover the cursor over it and it will pause or use the arrows in the text bar to move back and forth. Enjoy, I know we did!

  • Butter Tart Tour
    Kawarthas Northumberland does a fantastic job of setting you up for a self guided Butter Tart Tour


Planning to go out on the Butter Tart trail? Let me know in the comments what route you are thinking of or which stop is the top of your list.