Let’s Roll -Thai Salad Rolls

colourful vegetables wrapped to become a thai salad roll



Thai salad rolls are one of my favorite fresh rolls to make and share with friends. Perfect as an appetizer or light meal on a warm summer night.They take a bit of prep work but are well worth the effort , the end result is an exotic flavour combo that keeps you going back for just one more bite. In the video you will see how to put together these rolls and make a dipping sauce with Epicure spices or use a sweet chili sauce as a dipper.

thai salad roll assembly for rolling in rice paper wrapper

Quality of ingredients makes all the difference with these rolls. Choose your mango and avocado on the firm side so they don’t become mashed in the roll. I also like to buy my carrots pre shredded ( modern convenience) and get raw shrimp that I peel and steam myself. You can get the pre cooked shelled shrimp as well just make sure to pat the shrimp with a paper towel to take out the extra moisture. When you are ready to assemble, just a few pieces of each ingredient will give you a nicely filled roll.

thai rolls complete with mint leaf showing through rice wrapper

Laying your mint leaves or other herbs first will make a pretty presentation once everything is rolled up. 

thai salad rolls with colourful filling whole in wrapper

Almost too pretty to eat but you can’t resist biting into one of these beauties. To store the rolls I wrap them individually in saran wrap and store in the fridge as they tend to stick to plates or each other and the wrapper might tear which then results in thai salad on a plate instead of a roll.

thai salad rolls displayed

Just like the restaurant, so tasty and you can customize what you like to have in the roll. You could sub out the shrimp and try shredded chicken or just vegetables, don’t like mint, no problem just leave it out or try basil leaves instead. What is your favorite combination?



bottom rolling pin


  1. Jackie

    Love the video!! Looks like a great quick lunch option!

  2. Jackie Robinson

    Great video! Love how easy this is for a quick lunch!

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