Even from a distance the Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel looks huge! Standing in line waiting to board is a test of nerves and wobbly knees for someone who does not like heights. Swallowing my fear I stepped into the car, all in the name of a great blog story. I really love my readers. Making me feel much more at ease was the very kind and helpful staff member answering my million questions, he was a saint!

looking back at the pier from top of the sky wheel

looking back at the pier from top of the sky wheel

  • The Sky Wheel opened for riders in 2011. Good news for my nerves, new and sturdy construction means I won’t be fearing that it will crumble and our car will crash into the ocean.
  • The Sky Wheel has it’s own control and weather center that monitor conditions and take passenger safety and comfort very seriously, again reassuring for me!
  • It is the second tallest Ferris wheel in North America at 187 feet or 57 meters tall and similar in design to The Sky Wheel in our very close neighbour Niagara Falls, Canada. This fact makes me feel a kind of kin ship with the Sky Wheel.
  • When you ride the Sky Wheel it is called a flight and lasts from 8-12 minutes long. Which is kinda long when your stomach is doing back flips and your knees are knocking but the kids really enjoy it.
  • The view is second to none, the glass of the gondola is non reflective so you can get amazing pictures of Myrtle Beach while you are stopped at the top. I employed my deep breathing skills to calm myself while waiting to descend again.

When it was all done and I was able to exit the gondola, I breathed a sigh of relief/awe. I did it! Impressing my self with my steel nerve and realization that there is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the Myrtle Beach Board Walk then from the top of the SKY WHEEL.

Here are a few more pictures along the board walk from the safety of the ground. I want to send a big shout out to the Sky Wheel Team and Myrtle Beach Vacation Board for allowing me to take a complimentary ride with my family. It was a highlight of our trip!


Along the Boardwalk



Pavillion plaque

Pavilion plaque