Simple Treasures

One of our favorite things to do while on a beach vacation is look for interesting shells and creatures by the waters edge.  We really hit it big shelling at Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, SC. This beach is a gem, so pristine, it is termed a Grand Strand, which means it is wide and goes on for miles. Cool ocean breezes kept us comfortable while we hunted heads down and eyes on the water line for  treasures. We managed to walk two and half miles down the beach to the jetty as the kids  intently searched for the next score. A local beach walkers showed us how to spot Sand Dollars just under the surface of the sand when the waves pulled back, once the kids got the hang of it they were unstoppable spotting them every few feet. We got a kick out of the many types of crabs that were skittering along the waterline and into the waves to escape our feet. Many of the beach walkers were happy to stop and chat while showing us the treasures they had found washed up onto the beach, the kids were in awe of variety of shells people had collected. Our most prized find was a star fish that was discovered at the jetty and triumphantly displayed for a picture. Below is a picture of what we let them keep, they were thrilled with their treasures!

Simple treasures make a child's heart sing, from a day spent at Huntington Beach State Park SC

Simple treasures make a child’s heart sing, from a day spent at Huntington Beach State Park SC

When you visit this park be sure to make time to stop into the Nature Center where you can get up close with turtles and reptiles. The programming is fantastic and gives you a better understanding of the local eco system, it made for an educational stop in our trip for the kids. The highlight was catching the alligators sunbathing in the fresh water lake!

Caught this beauty basking at Huntington Beach State Park, Murrell's Inlet SC

Caught this beauty basking at Huntington Beach State Park, Murrell’s Inlet SC

Take a picnic and spend the day at Huntington Beach State Park, connect with nature while connecting with your family! The day at the park is still ranked high in the ratings of what my girls enjoyed most about our trip to Myrtle Beach SC.

Our entrance fees to the park were complimentary with special thanks to The Myrtle Beach Vacation Board.