As first timers at the Toronto Christmas Market my friend and I were excited to discover what secrets were hidden in the heart of the Distillery District. It was a  wonderland of lights, music and festive decorations with old world charm . Wandering through the cabin lined streets we experienced moments of awe and ahhhh and awwww, surprised to find “old timey” toys and delighted to experience such a great variety of food. We sampled fine mustard, then rounded a corner and were tempted by churros, not long after we wandered into a festive outdoor bar serving every beverage you could imagine.

We walked every lane at least twice and always saw something new that we had missed the first time. Here are just a few of the moments that delighted as we walked the market streets.

A few tips for first timers
  • Arrive early- this gives you lots of time to poke around before the crowds become thick.
  • Visit on a week night- for the same reason as above, this is a popular market and draws large crowds on weekends.
  • Dress for the weather- seems like a no brainer but I had to return the car to get a heavier coat OR you could just buy a new one at the fab shops of the Distillery District.
  • Bring an appetite- there is so much to sample and tempt your palate you will want have room for it all.
  • Bring a back pack or shopping bag- trust me you WILL shop  and you will want to have your hands free to hold a beverage or treat as you wander.
  • Be open to adventure- there is a magical atmosphere that you don’t often get in the city, give yourself over to the festive spirit.

To plan your visit to the Toronto Christmas Market check out their website for dates and hours of operation.