Garnier Clean Plus

In a family with all girls (and one Dad ) facial cleansing is a big deal! Aside from the fight to get into the bathroom everyone tends to share well, so when the Garnier Clean+ Making Removing Lotion Cleanser arrived it made the rounds between all of us.

Here are the benefits

Garnier Clean+ for Sensitive Skin

  • Removes stubborn makeup and calms sensitive skin.
  • No alcohol, dyes or fragrances.
  • Approved by the Canadian Dermatology Association

With the first use we noticed right away that it took off mascara and eyeliner, no problem at all! After rinsing and drying, skin was soft and hydrated feeling and no dark smudges under eyes from left over mascara.WIN!

My younger daughter normally has dry sensitive skin and after a few days of use we noticed that the redness was not as bad and she had less dry patches. She is very happy with this product and wants to continue using it. If you want to see what other people have to say about it click the review box below.


         Because disclaimers are important! Product has been provided by Garnier Canada, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Garnier Canada