There are lots of little things that inspire me everyday and some times there are great big acts of kindness that just bring me to my knees. Last week I got to experience that heart bursting feeling of being part of something bigger. The desire to help two women battling cancer and  gather as a community to enjoy some great food.  The Pay What You Want, Help Miranda and Courtney fundraiser hosted by  our fave local food truck  Mexicano Mobile Kitchen, ( owned by Mario and his family) donating all of the profits for the day to the fundraiser. They did a fantastic job of organizing and advertising the event to the community, even with having to postpone a few day because of torrential down pour and high winds. We were blessed with sunny skies and a crisp breeze for the rescheduled event.

Mexicano Molbile Kitchen Food TruckPeople came out to support in droves! The thick lunch time crowd led to a sell out and brief closure while they restocked, opening up again for the dinner rush which started right at 4:30 pm. It was amazing to see the steady flow of hungry patrons of the popular food truck, cash in hand ready to donate to a great cause. I was fortunate enough to meet Miranda and chat with her about how she was connected to Mario and his family and the larger community that they all belong too. It was truly heartwarming to witness the compassion and love extended to these brave women . Miranda  is a single mother of two little  girls,recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Courtney was first diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 15 and now, 7 years later, has overcome cancer 4 times and is currently fighting a rare form of cervical cancer.

I didn’t know either of these women before the event. Mario and Mexicano Mobile Kitchen  brought them to our attention and let us know they needed help. My family and so many others that are customers of this food truck were happy to support their efforts.  Almost $2000 was raised in a few short hours, many enchiladas and churros were consumed while friends and neighbours enjoyed each others company. This is the power of community, of joining together for a common goal and for doing good right in your own back yard.

I want to thank Mario and Mexicano Mobile Kitchen for reminding me  that one person can make a difference and bring together a community in kindness.

Want to stop in and say Hi to Mario and get some authentic Mexican, you can find them at  1975 Taunton Rd East, Hampton, Ontario.