I was honoured to be a guest blogger  at 1 Heart 1Family to bring you this review of the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System.  I am happy to share it with my readers as well.

Thanksgiving takes a lot of work! You need to plan in advance in order to present a successful meal that everyone can enjoy (including the cook). This year, I was in charge of planning and prepping for my family’s Thanksgiving feast. Normally, that would be an easy task, but this year we are enjoying it at a beautiful cottage, up north. This means, I needed to prepare it a little different. I need to have a mobile feast that can withstand a two hour car ride and overcome the limited prep and storage space that is available once we get there. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System to the rescue.

Sealing in the Freshness

Wrapping up Thanksgiving with Food Saver

I realized if I planned a menu around my FoodSaver® vacuum sealer, I could lock in the taste so that it would be as fresh as the minute I made it. Vacuum sealing the big feast meant I could prep ahead, and on the day of, I would be free to enjoy time with my family. The week before Thanksgiving, I set aside an entire day and leisurely prepared all my vegetables. After chopping and seasoning them, I sealed them in the FoodSaver Bags. My previous experience with these bags left me confident that they would stay fresh #Upto5xLonger, stored in the fridge, until Thanksgiving. I was right!

Marinating and Meal Making

Wrapping up Thanksgiving with Food Saver

Thanksgiving at the cottage means we would be spending the entire holiday weekend away. With this in mind, I took the opportunity to plan a few extra meals so that I could spend less time in the kitchen, and more time outside enjoying the crisp fall air. I chose a beef hip roast to marinate with this fantastic Beer and Garlic Beef recipe. Vacuum sealing this roast allowed all the great flavours of the marinade to penetrate into the roast while removing all the air. It was so moist and tender that everyone went back for seconds and there were no left overs, I’d say that was a win! I also made a Harvest Ham and Hashbrown Bake that uses fresh garden zucchini for brunch and it stored beautifully. I can’t wait to tackle the leftovers from Thanksgiving! Using this recipe as a base, you can substitute in leftover turkey, ham or veggies to recreate this dish. Simply combine the ingredients in a FoodSaver Bags, freeze and you have delish meal for another night.

Leftovers will be fresh up to #Upto5xLonger

Wrapping up Thanksgiving with Food Saver

With all the feasting done, coffee brewed and the last piece of pie consumed, the only thing left to do was clean up! I was thankful for gracious guests who volunteered to do the dishes and put away the leftovers. The guests were thankful for the FoodSaver making their job easy, actually too easy. They were all so eager to have a chance to try it out that there was actually a line-up of people holding the FoodSaver Fresh Containers waiting to get their turn! Needless to say Thanksgiving was all wrapped up in a snap, and the leftovers will stay fresh up to #Upto5XLonger than storing in ordinary methods. Yay leftovers!

Wrapping up Thanksgiving with Food Saver
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~Selena, The Dip Diva Dishes